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Different Types of Rhymes

Perfect Rhymes

Perfect rhymes are future classified by the number of syllables included in the rhyme. Here are the subclasses:

  • Single, which is also known as "masculine" rhymes, rhymes the last syllable. For example, Car and Far
  • Double, "Feminine". This class is based on the second from the last syllable as in sticky and tricky.
  • Dactylic, this class starts the stress on the third from last syllable.

General Rhymes

General rhymes can refer to any of the following:

  • Syllabic - each syllable of each word sounds the same, but doesn't always contain the same stressed vowels.
  • Near rhymes - Swing and caring
  • Consonance - the consonants match as in rabies and robbers
  • Alliteration - the initial consonants sound the same, chair and chariot

Identical Rhymes

An identical rhyme is using the same word as a rhyme in 2 different rhyme positions.

Mind Rhyme

Mind rhymes are when you use an alternate word instead of the word that would make sense in the position. If a person who hears it, automatically substitutes the real word for the substitution, a mind rhyme has occurred.

Eye Rhyme

Eye rhymes are words that end in the same spelling as another but is pronounced different. For example, tough and cough, shove and move.