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We found 1 homophones for rim-fire

Words That Rhyme With RIM-FIRE

balefire drier mcbryar mcguyer flier rutlandshire transpire hier higher briar heier kleier aberdeenshire dyar highspire somersetshire flier flyer barbwire schneier emulsifier drumfire mier spin-dryer crier shellfire prier bushire squier repplier why're brier overtire pyre rapid-fire wrier pinfire liar high-flier call-fire dyer pyre ryer stier schwier seier satire wildfire gunfire outlier huntingdonshire require pryor dehumidifier eyer klier frier occupier purifier hampshire(3) highflier forechoir multiplier spier myer sure-fire ayrshire tyer bryer fryar hampshire(4) hyer breier enquire misfire schier iyer bushfire byer umpire bleier desire humidifier meier meyer guyer friar lier plier require(3) oxfordshire quagmire secretaire tire trier bellaire steier denier prior justifier nottinghamshire bonfire crier cryer dwyer retire(3) qualifier campfire dryer schnier allier classifier magnifier preamplifier choir warwickshire flintshire wire viar ceasefire cambridgeshire carmarthenshire fire shier conspire intensifier rewire pacifier sire needfire frigidaire identifier neier spitfire commissionaire guier brush-fire broomsquire fryer amplifier bedfordshire respire biedermeier central-fire rim-fire krier plyer mctier blackfire cease-fire dreier empire grandsire apollinaire schreier swier subprior flyer saltire defier portfire relier scheier attire speier inlier meyer trier lampadaire acquire schryer buckinghamshire wyer ayer buyer geier odwyer tire hangfire photomultiplier pryer beier styer yzaguirre complier rectifier spin-drier hire supplier fox-fire rimfire schrier sapphire grier leier entire center-fire kyer modifier

What are homonyms?

A homophone is each word of two or more that have the same pronunciation, but different spellings, meanings, origins, etc.

What are homophones?

It is a type of homonym, each word has the same sound.

Homophone examples
  • AD and ADD
  • LEFT (directional) and LEFT (departed)
  • MEAN (not nice) and MEAN (defined)

What are homographs?

A homograph is word or words that have the same spelling, but different sounds (or same).

What are homophones?

It is a type of homonym, each word has the same sound.

Homograph examples
  • LIE (deceive) and LIE (lie down)
  • TEAR (rip) and TEAR (tear drop)
  • READ (read a book) and READ (pronounced "RED" a book)
  • LIVE (presently living) and LIVE (as in LIVE SHOW)