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We found 3 homophones for mae

Words That Rhyme With MAE

abbe ae airway allay alleyway alloway andre andrei anyway archway array ashtray astray away ay ballet barclay bay beaujolais beauvais benet beret betray bey birthday bombay bouquet brae bray breakaway breezeway broadway brockway buffet byway cabaret cabernet cabriolet cache calais caraway castaway cathay causeway cay chalet chez ciskei clay cliche cluj companionway convey conway cray crochet croquet curare day daye decay defray delay dey disarray dismay disobey display divorcee dolce doomsday doorway dossier doubleday dray driveway duarte essay everyday expressway fairway faraday faraway fay fey fiance filet fillet flay flyway foreplay fray freeway frey friday gainsay galle galloway gateway gay gervais getaway giveaway gourmet gray greenaway grey halfway hallway hathaway hay headway hearsay heigh hemingway hervey hey heyday hideaway highway holiday hooray horseplay infante inlay j jay jose k kay kootenay laigh lay leeway lei ley lihue lingerie lyonnais madre mainstay mandalay manet may mccrae melee midday midway millay monday monet monterrey moray naivete nay neigh nicolay nisei norway obey okay olivier one-way outlay outweigh overlay overpay overplay overstay padre palais parfait parkway parquet passageway passe pathway pay payday pinochet play portray pray prepay prey protege puree purvey quay raceway rae railway ramsay ray re relay rene renee repay resume ricochet ridgeway ridgway roadway rockaway runway sachet saturday say screenplay seaway shay shea skyway slay sleigh sobriquet soiree someday souffle speedway spillway splay spray stairway stay straightaway stray subway sunday survey sway swordplay tae tay they throughway throwaway thursday today toupee transkei tray trey tuesday underpay underplay uruguay valet walkway waterway way waylay wednesday weekday wei weigh wey whey workaday workday yea yesterday aaa aday afsane aggrey aigner allais antigay anway asay asea attache b-j banpais baye bayh beaupre bernay blay boulais boulay bouvier buga cafe calvey carraway carre ceta che cia coday corday dae dekay delray dk dominee donais dorais dovey downplay drey dumais dunaway dupay ekk enrile entree fe foia francais freightway fuente gaye gerais golladay graye guay haye hiaa holladay holliday hongwei hwe hyundai ilhae imlay interplay intraday jacquet jae jaye jna jonbenet jouret kahane kamei kawate kaye kkk kley kokate kouyate kray krey la-carre laissez lait langlais laraway laye leyh lurvey mackay maclay macrame marais marquai matinee mcbay mccay mccray mclay mcstay meservey mey monterey mulvey munday nej newsday nissei noaa oj palay paraguay paye pei poitier porcher reay redisplay beltway bley bta cea communique dalai deseret dunlavey gallway hefei hevey hiway hurray latte levey lunday lyday macknay mcclay mckay mcnay mcquay mcrae mcray mcshea mcvey mobay morais moutray ney niday ok olay oshea quaye raye rea reggae replay resnais rey risque runaway saute saye seay sergei snay societe sorbet spey strey superhighway thruway torme treadway tredway turvey vadnais vey waga waye wray wy x-ray yay

What are homonyms?

A homophone is each word of two or more that have the same pronunciation, but different spellings, meanings, origins, etc.

What are homophones?

It is a type of homonym, each word has the same sound.

Homophone examples
  • AD and ADD
  • LEFT (directional) and LEFT (departed)
  • MEAN (not nice) and MEAN (defined)

What are homographs?

A homograph is word or words that have the same spelling, but different sounds (or same).

What are homophones?

It is a type of homonym, each word has the same sound.

Homograph examples
  • LIE (deceive) and LIE (lie down)
  • TEAR (rip) and TEAR (tear drop)
  • READ (read a book) and READ (pronounced "RED" a book)
  • LIVE (presently living) and LIVE (as in LIVE SHOW)