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We found 1 homophones for local's

Words That Rhyme With LOCAL'S

carol's towles chernobyl's nuckols riddles hull's pontificals canales continentals vocals apelles gull's eagles crumbles signals technical's tilles trials maples payables lentils nuckolls siegel's rivals' sorrels incidentals febles bristols stinel's needles shambles stoffels mumbles umbles principal's strangles arrivals disables doubles sprinkles nuckles fables angels hulls spreckels throttles tables illegals howells central's credentials troubles grumbles mantle's disposals snapple's snapples boondoggles buttals garrols strobel's littles capital's winkels principles ringhals towels vowels napoles puddles shuttles murals carols krapels nondurables differentials capel's label's pebbles agrochemicals kittles occidental's orientals petrochemicals hustles entrails paralegals gamble's dangles instrumentals chuckles prudential's echecles cable's menees nestle's animals' peddles imperils iphicles betweenwhiles vitals enables fizzles renewals balmorals loral's rebels' duals tumbles peeples beetles bransles perils herakles pedals befuddles receivables humbles table's erol's occidentale's canticles rentals winkles trial's waffles campbells gingles sorrell's sorrells mobile's ruttles metals' eteocles spectacles proposals peebles hubbell's juggles mingles abels hoples jungles piddles ingels grapples fiddles appels flannels metals genitals wattles cables campbell's karels bengals bojangles' panel's panels heracles merrill's fumbles gulls gubbels numbles accruals petals hurdles legals jewels signal's travels peoples capitals fundamentals boggles eagle's crown-of-jewels bottles gentles marshall's panels' pupils huls rumbles gambles miserables struggles eckles gemayel's technicals barbels biddle's laurel's corals pencils cocles gilels dardanelles jarrells bubbles chorals regimentals chemical's bicycles dingell's little's chortles dials mistrials roncesvalles durables capitols collywobbles gables quarrels barrels colonials jungels portals tussles canonicals mussels refusals revivals zephyrhills mantles muddles apple's testimonials nettles engels animal's fuels ingles articles capitol's branles cowles principals eckels gospels sables stables empedocles mobiles powles kennels diesels martials freckles st_charles suttles marble's echols howell's chisels mesdemoiselles twinkles staples nouvelles battels annals channels joel's particles mortals scrambles shambles global's subprincipals hubble's wrangles oodles disciples trials shekels mobil's transchannel's nobles robles rebel's caples surles vials continental's dannels goebbels settles bowels vowles towels beckles harrell's huddles rebuttals lulls kettles dowels wrinkles chemicals dismantles shingles acquittals muscles rebels brambles marshal's brussels channel's abuttals rival's skittles ruggles bifocals dial's whittle's belittles transcontinental's scruples buckles beatles eccles goethals denials essentials buckels orientals peoples' jingles marbles apples agacles utensils vowels animals vittles potentials duels culls beatles' annuls urals singles presidential's themistocles fowles baffles bushels gimbals chapel's ables proposal's daugavpils immortals teeples laurels medals nombles instrumentals occidental's nowels knuckles fobel's raffles shuttle's morals labels chasles russel's noble's stumbles alliedsignal's rennels androcles icicles pimples ixelles chronicles carroll's fuel's naples ambles angels' locals metal's archangels colonial's mulls dulls local's unravels beagles pericles tangles people's mangels newell's measles angles goggles dentals rivals marshals russell's

What are homonyms?

A homophone is each word of two or more that have the same pronunciation, but different spellings, meanings, origins, etc.

What are homophones?

It is a type of homonym, each word has the same sound.

Homophone examples
  • AD and ADD
  • LEFT (directional) and LEFT (departed)
  • MEAN (not nice) and MEAN (defined)

What are homographs?

A homograph is word or words that have the same spelling, but different sounds (or same).

What are homophones?

It is a type of homonym, each word has the same sound.

Homograph examples
  • LIE (deceive) and LIE (lie down)
  • TEAR (rip) and TEAR (tear drop)
  • READ (read a book) and READ (pronounced "RED" a book)
  • LIVE (presently living) and LIVE (as in LIVE SHOW)