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We found 3 homophones for bree

Words That Rhyme With BREE

absentee actuality actuary addressee adee agee agree aimee albee amputee apogee appointee b banshee barclay be bea beastly bee beebe bougie bourgeoisie braintree brea brie c calliope candee capri carefree chablis cherokee colossally conferee crappie cree curie d ddt de debris decree dee degree deportee designee devotee di diastole disagree divorcee djibouti doubletree draftee dundee e emcee enlistee enrollee escapee esprit feathery fee filigree flea flee foresee free g galilee gee gemini genesee geri ghee glee goatee guarani guarantee guaranty gutsy hawaii hawkey he henri homosexuality honeybee hyperbole idiosyncrasy indri inductee interviewee jaycee jee jubilee kabuki kea key ki klee knee laryngoscopy latchkey lea lee legree leigh lessee li licensee louie machete manatee marie marquee marquis mcfee me mee mi minestrone nee nestle nobody nominee olea oui oversee p panini parolee payee pea peewee phonology plea pony potpourri pre precis proctoscopy quay ranee reality realty referee repartee retiree returnee rhee rhinoplasty rosemarie rupee scree sea see semele sensuality she shitty si ski spree sri sunday swanee syncope t tea tee tennessee thee thermae thirty three ti tiki timpani trainee tree trustee turnkey tv undersea v vee vendee waikiki we wee weighty whitey xi yangtze ye yi yippee z zea zee abductee abee ac achee acree adoptee adoree ailee akey amc aretsky askey attendee baldree bbc beaudry benami bibee bibi blea bouie bt buie bushee cacld cartee cat-3 cd chea chee childree comiskey cottee couey coutee cuffee curlee cxc dauphinee dea deedee depree detailee detainee dubree dupee dupree dupuy duree duryee eap embree fatheree fleuri foree franchisee frazee fsi gretzky guerry gyi gymboree hammontree hardee hashi hembree internee jessee ji keesee labree lordy losee lp lsd lxi mcbee mckie mcnee miti mpg nyet odp ofc oversea partee peay petree portee prix qui atp barbaree barbee bhatti bibbee bouchey c3 cc dalai directv dsv ee fanguy ferree forsee gassee geac gurnee hee hyphae irit je jie khe kissee kyi loree m3 magee mccree mcgee mcghee mcphee mcquarrie mcree mea mit moree muti nabil ne nie pattee pawnee pee pingree pouncy pree ravi rb ree reeh resignee rippee rosalee satterlee schnee sebree seti sheree shi shieh shih shippee shri sie sightsee slee smee smithee soli suny sze te thi thierry trotsky tse tuskegee tyree valente valenti ve wannabe wannabee whoopee wiehe withee woodmansee xie yee yie ze ziad zuni

What are homonyms?

A homophone is each word of two or more that have the same pronunciation, but different spellings, meanings, origins, etc.

What are homophones?

It is a type of homonym, each word has the same sound.

Homophone examples
  • AD and ADD
  • LEFT (directional) and LEFT (departed)
  • MEAN (not nice) and MEAN (defined)

What are homographs?

A homograph is word or words that have the same spelling, but different sounds (or same).

What are homophones?

It is a type of homonym, each word has the same sound.

Homograph examples
  • LIE (deceive) and LIE (lie down)
  • TEAR (rip) and TEAR (tear drop)
  • READ (read a book) and READ (pronounced "RED" a book)
  • LIVE (presently living) and LIVE (as in LIVE SHOW)