Definition of Tally

  • (n.) Originally, a piece of wood on which notches or scores were cut, as the marks of number; later, one of two books, sheets of paper, etc., on which corresponding accounts were kept.
  • (n.) Hence, any account or score kept by notches or marks, whether on wood or paper, or in a book; especially, one kept in duplicate.
  • (n.) One thing made to suit another; a match; a mate.
  • (n.) A notch, mark, or score made on or in a tally; as, to make or earn a tally in a game.
  • (n.) A tally shop. See Tally shop, below.
  • (n.) To score with correspondent notches; hence, to make to correspond; to cause to fit or suit.
  • (n.) To check off, as parcels of freight going inboard or outboard.
  • (v. i.) To be fitted; to suit; to correspond; to match.
  • (v. i.) To make a tally; to score; as, to tally in a game.
  • (a.) Stoutly; with spirit.

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