Definition of Spear

  • (v. t.) To pierce with a spear; to kill with a spear; as, to spear a fish.
  • (v. i.) To shoot into a long stem, as some plants. See Spire.
  • (n.) A long, pointed weapon, used in war and hunting, by thrusting or throwing; a weapon with a long shaft and a sharp head or blade; a lance.
  • (n.) Fig.: A spearman.
  • (n.) A sharp-pointed instrument with barbs, used for stabbing fish and other animals.
  • (n.) A shoot, as of grass; a spire.
  • (n.) The feather of a horse. See Feather, n., 4.
  • (n.) The rod to which the bucket, or plunger, of a pump is attached; a pump rod.

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