Definition of Play

  • (n.) To engage in sport or lively recreation; to exercise for the sake of amusement; to frolic; to spot.
  • (n.) To act with levity or thoughtlessness; to trifle; to be careless.
  • (n.) To contend, or take part, in a game; as, to play ball; hence, to gamble; as, he played for heavy stakes.
  • (n.) To perform on an instrument of music; as, to play on a flute.
  • (n.) To act; to behave; to practice deception.
  • (n.) To move in any manner; especially, to move regularly with alternate or reciprocating motion; to operate; to act; as, the fountain plays.
  • (n.) To move gayly; to wanton; to disport.
  • (n.) To act on the stage; to personate a character.
  • (v. t.) To put in action or motion; as, to play cannon upon a fortification; to play a trump.
  • (v. t.) To perform music upon; as, to play the flute or the organ.
  • (v. t.) To perform, as a piece of music, on an instrument; as, to play a waltz on the violin.
  • (v. t.) To bring into sportive or wanton action; to exhibit in action; to execute; as, to play tricks.
  • (v. t.) To act or perform (a play); to represent in music action; as, to play a comedy; also, to act in the character of; to represent by acting; to simulate; to behave like; as, to play King Lear; to play the woman.
  • (v. t.) To engage in, or go together with, as a contest for amusement or for a wager or prize; as, to play a game at baseball.
  • (v. t.) To keep in play, as a hooked fish, in order to land it.
  • (n.) Amusement; sport; frolic; gambols.
  • (n.) Any exercise, or series of actions, intended for amusement or diversion; a game.
  • (n.) The act or practice of contending for victory, amusement, or a prize, as at dice, cards, or billiards; gaming; as, to lose a fortune in play.
  • (n.) Action; use; employment; exercise; practice; as, fair play; sword play; a play of wit.
  • (n.) A dramatic composition; a comedy or tragedy; a composition in which characters are represented by dialogue and action.
  • (n.) The representation or exhibition of a comedy or tragedy; as, he attends ever play.
  • (n.) Performance on an instrument of music.
  • (n.) Motion; movement, regular or irregular; as, the play of a wheel or piston; hence, also, room for motion; free and easy action.
  • (n.) Hence, liberty of acting; room for enlargement or display; scope; as, to give full play to mirth.

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