Definition of Laver

  • (n.) A vessel for washing; a large basin.
  • (n.) A large brazen vessel placed in the court of the Jewish tabernacle where the officiating priests washed their hands and feet.
  • (n.) One of several vessels in Solomon's Temple in which the offerings for burnt sacrifices were washed.
  • (n.) That which washes or cleanses.
  • (n.) One who laves; a washer.
  • (n.) The fronds of certain marine algae used as food, and for making a sauce called laver sauce. Green laver is the Ulva latissima; purple laver, Porphyra laciniata and P. vulgaris. It is prepared by stewing, either alone or with other vegetables, and with various condiments; -- called also sloke, or sloakan.

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