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The Meaning of undivided

  • (a.) Not divided; not separated or disunited; unbroken; whole; continuous; as, plains undivided by rivers or mountains.
  • (a.) Not set off, as a share in a firm; not made actually separate by division; as, a partner, owning one half in a firm, is said to own an undivided half so long as the business continues and his share is not set off to him.
  • (a.) Not directed or given to more than one object; as, undivided attention or affection.
  • (a.) Not lobed, cleft, or branched; entire.


exclusive , single(a) , united


fractional , distributed , divided , shared


decided , divided , guided , lopsided , misguided , provided , sided , undecided , abided , chided , coincided , derided , collided , confided , glided , prided , resided , subdivided , subsided , tided